Getting Started with OLTP-Bench on Ubuntu

I was trying to get OLTP-Bench working with PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 14.04.  For some reason, the project’s wiki was not working properly at the time; so I wanted to document my experience here.

Installing software packages

If you need to install PostgreSQL on Ubuntu, here is a nice guide. For illustration purposes, we will use TPC-C benchmark. You may need to set a password for the default user (e.g. postgres).

You also need to install some tools such as Git, Ant, and Java (JDK).

sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk git ant
Creating database

You also need to crate a database for the benchmark lets call it “tpcc”. This can be created as follows:

$ sudo -i -u postgres
$ createdb tpcc; exit
Downloading and Building OLTP-Bench software

Go back to the home directory:

$ cd ~

Get the source code:

$ git clone
$ cd oltpbench

Build it using Apache Ant:

$ ant

If the building process was successful, you are ready to run the benchmark.

Running a benchmark (Example TPC-C)

First, we need to modify the sample config file called “config/sample_tpcc_config.xml”, and replace the connection information with the correct information. Assuming “postgres” for the username with the same as the password, here is an example:

<!-- Connection details -->
    <!-- MySQL 
Loading Data

Load data into PostgreSQL; using the following:

$ ./oltpbenchmark -b tpcc -c config/sample_tpcc_config.xml --create=true --load=true
Running the Benchmark

You can run the benchmark using the following:

$ ./oltpbenchmark -b tpcc -c config/sample_tpcc_config.xml --execute=true -s 5 -o outputfile



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